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Moving Checklist

McCorquodale Transfer offers you the following six-week planner designed for long distance moving. This will assist you in every phase of your move. What is the key to a successful move according to us? Planning. Planning! Planning!

Six weeks before move day

  • If applicable, study your Birmingham moving company’s policies and see what expenses are covered.

  • Find out which expenses are deductible.

  • Research the new schools in your new city.

  • Get a cost of living comparison in your new city.

  • Find a Realtor to market your home and price your home competitively.

  • Call McCorquodale Transfer for moving cost estimate.

  • Find a realtor in your new city.

  • Estimate the amount you can spend on a house.

  • Choose a local lender.

  • Get your lender to pre-qualify a mortgage for you before house shopping.

Five weeks before move day

  • Research the real estate market in your city.

  • If applicable, start looking into child care in your new city.

  • Involve the whole family in planning the move.

  • Choose McCorquodale Transfer for your Birmingham move.

  • Update your address book of friends and relatives.

  • Create a list of people you need to notify.

  • Begin sorting the things to give away.

  • Set a date for a garage sale.

  • Choose a new house.

  • Arrange house financing and set tentative closing dates.

Four weeks before move day

  • Check school schedules and enrollment requirements.

  • Research religious institutions in new area.

  • Check how to obtain new driver’s license, license plates.

  • Contact an agent for new home and auto insurance.

  • Select a new bank; establish accounts and safe deposit box.

  • Create a new furniture wish list and plan new home arrangement.

  • Buy new home with a resale strategy!

  • Select a post office box for forwarding if you haven’t found a new residence.

  • Gather prerequisites for utility companies (i.e. phone numbers, websites, deposits, etc.).

  • Arrange for transfer of school records.

Three weeks before move day

  • Reserve packing, loading and delivery dates with McCorquodale Transfer and arrange storage if needed.

  • Obtain your McCorquodale Transfer change of address cards.

  • Sort belongings into those you’ll dispose of, take with you, and move with McCorquodale Transfer.

  • Book travel arrangements.

  • Have garage sale.

  • Give items to charity.

  • Confirm your schedules with real estate agents, landlords, and arrange temporary housing if needed.

  • Send out your change of address cards to post office, friends, relatives, subscriptions, etc.

  • Get personal records from doctors, lawyers, accountants, schools, religious institutions.

  • Reserve elevator if moving from high-rise.

Two weeks before move day

  • Notify current utilities – gas, phone, electric, water, cable television of disconnect dates and forwarding address.

  • Inform credit card companies of change of address.

  • Apply for new bank cards and local store charge accounts.

  • Plan where to spend last night in current city.

  • Transfer bank accounts and safe deposit box.

  • Inform your stock broker and investment counsel.

  • Pay or settle outstanding bills.

  • Collect veterinary records and licenses, get new tags if needed, and arrange for pet transportation.

  • Confirm pack, load, and delivery dates with McCorquodale Transfer.

One week before move day

  • Drain oil and gas from your power equipment.

  • Disconnect propane from gas grill.

  • Cancel deliveries and services such as newspapers and trash collection as of moving day.

  • Arrange for someone to help watch the children on move day.

  • Subscribe to newspaper in your new city.

  • Get rid of perishable food you won’t eat before move day.

Two days before move day

  • Have your car serviced for traveling.

  • Prepare plants for shipping or give them to a loving home.

One day before move day

  • Pack your luggage and anything you are taking with you.

  • Everything but necessities should be ready to go with the movers.

Move day

  • Check through the house, including the attic, to make sure nothing was missed.

  • Get some good rest and travel safely the next day.




I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service that Adam and Jason provided to help move my furniture up from our basement last week. I appreciate so very much their positive attitudes and willingness to help in every way. They were prompt, courteous, and worked efficiently and diligently to get the work done as soon as possible. I am so grateful to you for their outstanding service.

I appreciate also the excellent hourly rate that you provided us. I know that you provided a very, very reasonable rate which made it so much easier and affordable to get the work completed.

I appreciate too, the storage of our couch in your warehouse. I am very grateful to you for providing this service and allowing us to keep it in a safe place while the house work is completed. I know this has been a big inconvenience and that you have provided this service out of the goodness of your heart. This has meant so much to us!

Bart, you run your business well. I am always pleased with your company’s efforts and recommend your company whenever I hear someone needs moving help.

Thank you so very much,

Anita Crisler




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