This job originated through John and Mary Lou B. They are natives of Mobile, who now live in Charleston. They are also alumni of Spring Hill College. The statue was given as a donation to the college. John and Mary Lou tasked McCorquodale Transfer with this project after we had performed several household moves for them in Charleston.

The statue, Giovanna, was on display at the Martin Gallery which is located at 18 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401. This is on the corner of State and Broad Streets, in the Grand Salon of the historic People’s Building.

As you can see in the gallery below, Giovanna had to be hoisted off a base and turned horizontally. From there McCorquodale Transfer packed her in a custom crate. She was removed from the building using a tele-handler. Barnhart Crane provided the rigging services in Charleston and Mobile. McCorquodale Transfer provided the crating, logistics, and transport.

The Giovanna statue weighed approximately 1,800 lbs. She was carved from a single piece of Italian marble, excluding the base. Claire McArdle, Giovanna’s sculptor, is internationally recognized for carving marble and her work with bronze and terra-cotta. She is one of the few women who carve marble in monumental scale.

The statue was valued at $70,000, and the delivery was seamless.

Bryan Terrell
McCorquodale Transfer, Inc.
Charleston, SC

Giovanna Statue Move Gallery

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