Birmingham Movers

We strive to be the top choice in Birmingham moving with each and every service we provide. From residential and commercial moves in Birmingham, to storage and shipping and receiving needs – we are the premier moving company in the Magic City. Our philosophy is to treat each customer’s belongings as our own—using extreme care, caution and respect for our clients’ precious valuables. Contact us to see how we can make your Birmingham move or other need a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

Birmingham Corporate Headquarters

2714 2nd Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 870-7474

Birmingham Team

Bart McCorquodale - Founder & Chief Executive Officer of McCorquodale Transfer's Birmingham, AL Branch
Bart McCorquodale
Chief Executive Officer
(205) 870-7474
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Chris DePiano - President of McCorquodale Transfer's Birmingham, AL Branch
Chris DePiano
(205) 870-7474
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Michael Perez - VP of Human Resources at McCorquodale Transfer's Jackson, MS Office
Michael Perez
VP of Human Resources
(205) 870-7474
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David Lang - Operations Manager of McCorquodale Transfer's Birmingham, AL Branch
David Lang
Operations Manager
(205) 870-7474
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Seneca Reid - Manager of McCorquodale Transfer's Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa, AL branches
Seneca Reid
(205) 870-7474
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Don Kang - Manager of McCorquodale Transfer's Birmingham, AL branch
Dong Kang
(205) 870-7474
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Ryan Elder - Crew Leader of McCorquodale Transfer's Birmingham, AL Branch
Ryan Elder
Crew Leader
(205) 870-7474

From Our Clients

Thank you to McCorquodale Transfer who once again provided an excellent moving experience. David and Ken were outstanding in the work they did moving me, as well as, being friendly, kind and polite. They arrived on time, worked efficiently, and were so professional. They offered good suggestions when needed. And, I especially appreciated the care they took with my furniture and other belongings. Many thanks to them for all they did.

This was my second moving experience with McCorquodale. The last one was equally as positive. I am so impressed with your company and the consistency in service, professionalism, and care. I hope I don’t have to move again for a long time. But if I do, McCorquodale is the only company I will ever have move me. When I have the opportunity, I tell my friends and relatives about McCorquodale for their moving needs. I will wholeheartedly continue to recommend McCorquodale Transfer.

My two sons-in-law insisted on coming over and being with me with “the movers” because they didn’t think I should be alone with them. They thought it might not be safe or they wouldn’t do a good job if I was by myself. I told them my past experience was excellent, I expected that again, and felt perfectly comfortable with whoever came. But, I said ok if that’s what they wanted to do and told them the movers would be there at 7:30 in the morning.

Of course, David and Ken were right on time, maybe even a couple of minutes early. My sons-in-law were late and were surprised when they got there that the truck was there and David and Ken were already loading. As they watched, they were so impressed by David and Ken and how professional and efficient they were. They were even more impressed with the unloading and the care they took with moving in and setting up the furniture, protecting the wood floors, newly painted walls and doors. Not a nick or scratch was made.

Both sons-in-law have moved many times over the years and said they have never had an experience like I had Saturday. Nor had they met nicer, more efficient, or more professional movers who actually took care of the customer’s property. I think they are believers in McCorquodale for all moving needs now.

Thank you, again, for your kindness and excellent service. In my opinion, McCorquodale Transfer is a five star company.


I just have to write to say thank you for a great moving experience and sing praises for Chris and Anthony, the team who moved me on Saturday. McCorquodale Transfer came highly recommended to me and you did not disappoint. In fact, you exceeded my expectations. I am so impressed with your company and the service you provide. From the first telephone contact until the move was completed, the professionalism and service at every level was superb.

Chris and Anthony arrived five minutes earlier than you said. They got off the truck and immediately introduced themselves. They went right to work assessing the job and making their plan to get it done. I have never seen two guys work as hard and as fast as they did, and always with a smile and a positive attitude. They were courteous, patient and kind. They continuously asked if there was anything else I wanted taken on the truck or moved, rearranged, or changed when we were on the other end. They even made some good suggestions when I wasn’t sure. They were so careful with my furniture and belongings, too. They had the washer and dryer on the truck and then reconnected at the new place before I even knew they had done either. They didn’t waste any time getting from the old place to the new. I really can’t say enough good things. I could go on and on.

I will most definitely call you again for any other moving needs and will also enthusiastically recommend McCorquodale Transfer to friends and family.

Thank you, again. You are the best.

Nancy B.