Bryan R. Terrell

Charleston, SC President

About Bryan

  • A native of Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Received a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the Williams School of Business at Washington & Lee University in 1996.
  • Commissioned to teach high school mathematics for the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras. 1996-1997.
  • Began employment McCorquodale Transfer, Inc. in 1997.
  • Opened the Charleston, SC branch of McCorquodale Transfer in 2004.
  • Managed the Charleston branch 2004 – Present.
  • Became the official mover for the Historic Charleston Foundation, assisting them with logistics for the Charleston International Antiques Show 2005 – Present.
  • Opened the Atlanta branch in October 2009 to better serve the needs of existing clients in the Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina markets, as well as our domestic and international customers based in Atlanta.

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(843) 200-1937
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From Our Clients

I have been meaning to write to you for some while now just to let you know that everything unpacked just fine with no damage or breakages – but that is probably not a surprise to you!

We got most things unpacked within days but the exercise machine and particularly the art work did not get touched for the best part of six weeks. A contributory factor in this were the teething problems we faced with the new property. We unfortunately suffered two significant water leaks within the first month. The first one happened on the Friday night/Saturday early morning after the content had been delivered. That took two weeks to make reparations from and then the very next day, two weeks to the day, we had another leak which impacted the same area (both originate din the master bathroom) and that took weeks to recover from. Add to that the normal list of snagging items, resulted in us being housebound for almost seven weeks!

Hopefully, we are through the worst of it now and things are beginning to normalize. Unfortunately, Catherine is due to return to the US in a few weeks’ time, so it has been a little disappointing for her. You enjoyed some fantastic weather while you were here and that continued throughout July and August and in to the first weeks of September. I think we are due for a change soon, though.

Anyway, if you would like us to act as references for McCorquodale at any time in the future, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

Andrew Davies

I cannot let another moment go by without letting you know how absolutely wonderfully your moving “team” performed the four days on our move(s).

John is a real gem: he’s very intelligent, engaged, strong, and oozes a “can do” attitude. He’s so personable with the client, and appears to have the full attention, respect and cooperation of the other men. Q, James, Mike, Andrew and Brady were all excellent as well.

And Jim, you really nailed it on the recommended size of the two storage units! Both were exquisitely loaded by the team (guided by John), with no space for an additional toothpick. Less skillful work would have required a larger space.

As the moving time grew close, I realized we were going to need additional packing help; we had to say goodbye to our puppy on January 16th, which sapped my energy a bit. Also, there were more items to be moved, as well. Your original cost estimate would have been right on accurate, had it not been for these two factors on our end….and the difference was only $600. (I’m too brain dead to do the percentage).

I did ask John about whether McCorquodale Transfer did partial loads for long distance moves North. Last time, you did a dedicated partial load to our CT home in Southport. We return to CT in early May, so any time after that, we would be there to receive the contents of one of the storage containers. Please let me know what you think about that possibility.

Time to refuel, and then put my feet up. I just couldn’t rest until I let you know how, honestly, your company exceeded our already high expectations. Bravo, to all!

Warmest regards,