Chris Depiano

Birmingham, AL President

About Chris

  • Auburn University – B.S. Civil Engineering 1997
  • McCorquodale Transfer, Inc. (Birmingham, AL) President 2004 – Present

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(205) 870-7474
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From Our Clients

I just wanted to let you know that our move went amazing. Chris and his team were great. (I knew I had a positive experience when I moved in 2001.) Chris has a great attitude, wonderful work ethic, attention to detail – such as centering your furniture, fixing a problem (like I was having with my king size bed), etc. Everyone was very careful, fast and efficient. I just cannot say enough good things.

I just wanted to commend them. They were all outstanding.

Thank you,


Everything went very well and I can’t thank you enough for Chris and the great group of guys who were eager to do whatever I asked of them, even in the rain! I returned to Rome yesterday, and it was such a comfort to know that I was able to successfully take care of all my personal belonging before leaving. They even helped me send the rugs off for cleaning before storage. Thanks to Chris and everyone at McCorquodale Transfer, the cheerful, organized and conscientious group of guys helped me to manage this stressful event with ease, thus making this occasion a much more relaxed one for me. A million thanks for a job well done!!!

My very best wishes to all of you,