John Woodhall

Charleston, SC Operations Manager

John Woodhall - Operations Manager at McCorquodale Transfer's Charleston, SC Branch

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(843) 200-1937

From Our Clients

The install yesterday went so very well and the MDI team continually said it was because of your efforts. Having 6 men and 3 trucks was the only way were were able to do it in one day and the Shehabs were incredibly pleased. Mrs. Shehab said over and over what a great job y’all were doing and it was true! I appreciate your efforts to keep things moving and to keep things calm. Delta and I were talking on the way back and we think the more information we can give you in advance about the difficulty of the house and the client is helpful. Frank does a great job on the receiving end and packing the truck and all in all, MDI couldn’t have been more pleased.

A huge thank you for a job well done!

Margaret Donaldson, ASID

Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Just a quick note to say what a great experience it has been to work with you and your team on my Charleston project. DJ and Steven were so professional and efficient, they made my day so much easier. Hope to connect with you all again on my next project in Charleston!

Thanks again,

June Chamberlain