International Moves

Moving outside of the United States? Look no further than McCorquodale Transfer for your international moving needs. Our experts provide full-service packing, wrapping, loading and shipping for your business or residential relocation. We partner with a worldwide network of international forwarders – giving our company the ability to move you over the sea or air to whichever international destination you require.

McCorquodale Transfer’s International Services

  • Liftvans
  • Air Freight “D” Containers
  • Overseas Steel Container
  • Packing & Export Wrapping
  • Unloading, Placement, Re-Assembly, Unpacking & Debris Haul• Storage-In-Transit

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From Our Clients

I have been meaning to write to you for some while now just to let you know that everything unpacked just fine with no damage or breakages – but that is probably not a surprise to you!

We got most things unpacked within days but the exercise machine and particularly the art work did not get touched for the best part of six weeks. A contributory factor in this were the teething problems we faced with the new property. We unfortunately suffered two significant water leaks within the first month. The first one happened on the Friday night/Saturday early morning after the content had been delivered. That took two weeks to make reparations from and then the very next day, two weeks to the day, we had another leak which impacted the same area (both originate din the master bathroom) and that took weeks to recover from. Add to that the normal list of snagging items, resulted in us being housebound for almost seven weeks!

Hopefully, we are through the worst of it now and things are beginning to normalize. Unfortunately, Catherine is due to return to the US in a few weeks’ time, so it has been a little disappointing for her. You enjoyed some fantastic weather while you were here and that continued throughout July and August and in to the first weeks of September. I think we are due for a change soon, though.

Anyway, if you would like us to act as references for McCorquodale at any time in the future, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

Andrew Davies

My intention was to drop you a note as soon as the guys left our house last Tuesday, but as you know when you move, you end up trying to do a million different things all at once because everything needs immediate attention.

Adam and his team were absolutely incredible!!! They made moving in August in Alabama bearable. I know they had to be completely exhausted. Each one of the guys were kind, considerate, and truly went above and beyond in helping us get our belongings, as well as the things in my Dad’s apartment, all moved and in place so quickly and with the utmost of care. These fine group of men were like a well oil machine. They each knew exactly what to do and how to accomplish it. We were so impressed!!!

I told Adam that I didn’t plan using him again (because I don’t think I ever want to move from this home!!!), but I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a top-notch moving company. We couldn’t have asked for any better service.

Please thank them for me again and also thank you for scheduling everything for us.

Take care and I hope you have a great afternoon!!!