Advanced Packing


  • Individually wrap all glassware in towels or packing paper. First, wrap each piece loosely in a sheet of packing paper. Then, wrap the item more tightly in a second sheet. Glasses and stemware should always be stood on end (never sideways) in the dish pack box. Remember that the stem tends to be the most breakable part and don’t hold back on the packing paper! You can also use dish cells, towels, or paper towels to provide additional support.
  • Plates, platters and other flat items should always be packed vertically on end to prevent breakage in the event a box is dropped or jarred. The first, or bottom, tier of the dish box should be for heavier items such as large plates and platters. The second tier can include bread plates, saucers and soup bowls. The top tier should be reserved for glasses, cups or stemware. Padding should be used below and above each tier.


  • Before moving or packing any televisions, tape the front control panel closed. Remove antenna. Keep careful track of remote controls to any electronic devices, as these items are often misplaced during a move. In some cases, the cable television remote and the cable box must be returned to the local cable company. They should not be packed or moved.
  • Tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. should be removed from electronic equipment before being prepped or packed.
  • Plasma televisions are our specialty. Remove the television from the wall or its stand (whichever is applicable), and detach all cables, wires, etc. If original packing materials are unavailable, your plasma television must be wrapped and crated for maximum protection and always placed in an upright position to avoid damaging. Plasma televisions must never be laid flat. There is a high likelihood of damage if an upright position is not maintained. Storage of these items for more than two months, without usage, might cause an unstable picture when the set is turned on and possible permanent damage.
  • If you don’t have the original factory packing for your expensive electronic equipment, you should not attempt to move the items yourself. Contact McCorquodale Transfer for further guidance.


  • Never pack a lamp and its shade in the same moving box. A lampshade should be removed from its lamp and packed in a box using plenty of cushioning material on the top, bottom and sides. For cushioning use crumpled packing paper to protect the shade. Do not over pack the box with cushioning material that could potentially damage the lampshade. Always box lampshades. All fabric and delicate lampshades must be boxed individually. Silk lampshades should be packed by a professional (special protection should be used).
  • Before packing the lamp, remove its harp and light bulb. Pack these parts together using white packing paper. The lamp itself should be wrapped in brown paper pads (security pads) or bubble wrap. The lamp and its parts can be packed either in a lamp box, dish pack or other suitable moving box.
  • Multiple lamps may be packed together. When packing fragile lamps or other items together, always place cushioning materials around all the items to protect against shifting in the box. Remember to use rolls of crumpled white packing paper to make a base of cushioning two to four inches thick at the bottom of the moving box. Finish off a packed lamp box with crumpled white packing paper if the lamp(s) requires it. When loading the truck, load lamp boxes in an upright position when possible.

Art and Mirrors

  • Each picture or mirror must be individually wrapped and protected. Never put unprotected items into any moving box.
  • When packing pictures and mirrors, keep the glass face-to-face, with the backs against the outside of the boxes. A piece of cardboard can be placed between the glass for added protection. Use an appropriately sized box.
  • After setting up the box, begin once again with crumpled packing paper or bumpers on the bottom of the box to act as a cushion. After the item is placed in the packing box, add additional packing paper along the sides and top to prevent any shifting. A properly packed box will have no movement inside.
  • Label the packing box with its contents and room destination.

From Our Clients

Please accept this belated letter of thanks for excellent service provided by McCorquodale Transfer. On 17 July, your company moved some furniture from my home to a storage facility. Throughout the process, I was impressed with the professionalism of your employees Mr. Michael Bellina and Mr. Michael Hottensen.

They exercised great care in handling and moving the items and were extremely polite.

Please let Mr. Bellina and Mr. Hottensen know that their professionalism and courtesy are much appreciated. They are outstanding representatives of your company.

I will certainly call on McCorquodale Transfer in the future when I have need of other moving services.

With kindest regards,


Everything went very well and I can’t thank you enough for Chris and the great group of guys who were eager to do whatever I asked of them, even in the rain! I returned to Rome yesterday, and it was such a comfort to know that I was able to successfully take care of all my personal belonging before leaving. They even helped me send the rugs off for cleaning before storage. Thanks to Chris and everyone at McCorquodale Transfer, the cheerful, organized and conscientious group of guys helped me to manage this stressful event with ease, thus making this occasion a much more relaxed one for me. A million thanks for a job well done!!!

My very best wishes to all of you,