Packing Basics

  • To assemble a moving box, fold the top flaps down using the small tabs to hold these flaps along the box sides. Next, the box should be upside down and squared. The bottom flaps are then overlapped and taped in place. Always use packing tape – do not just interlock the flaps on top and bottom.
  • The most effective way to tape a box: Put one strip down the middle seam, adding a strip along left and right of the middle strip, slightly overlapping.
  • A packed and taped box should be clearly marked on at least two adjoining sides with the contents of the box and the room where they need to be placed at destination. Mark the contents of a box on the sides rather than on top. This makes it easier to identify the contents for each box at the new residence.
  • Clearly mark moving boxes that must be kept on top with arrows or “Top Load Only”, which indicates that the box will remain on top when stacked in the truck. These markings should be used only for boxes containing the most delicate items.
  • Boxes that are underfilled are more likely to be crushed and boxes that are overfilled can tear or fall apart. Label all boxes as soon as you’re done packing them by writing the room label on multiple sides. Try to avoid loading more than 50 pounds into one box. Use a bathroom scale, if available.
  • Packing paper is crucial to successful packing. The first thing in every box should be 2- 4 inches of crumpled packing paper called “bumpers”. Make a ball or submarine-shaped rolls until bottom of box is filled with padding. A layer of padding should be used before the box is closed as well.

From Our Clients

Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how impressive that experience was. Really took the pain out of moving.

Thank you so much,

Chris Cutshall

The move went great and should we every have to move again McCorquodale will be the movers we will call and we will recommend them to others. We really appreciate your professionalism and the movers were great. Thanks for a smooth, efficient and professional move.


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