Not only does McCorquodale handle Birmingham moves and relocations for homes and businesses across the U.S. and internationally, but the company also offers the finest and most secure commercial and domestic storage services.

Commercial Storage

Don’t waste costly square feet on storing office records, surplus supplies, or unused furniture in your own business space. Instead, store these items in our containers in order to put your business’ square footage to better use.

Your business can be packed by our professionals, or we can provide a consultant for individual departments. You can even route incoming business furniture and materials directly to us. Items for storage are carefully inventoried, prepared, packed and loaded in our container(s). Every container has a Description Form attached to the outside that records the contents inside, making item retrieval easy and accessible.

Additionally, McCorquodale Transfer offers premier storage solutions for office furniture, carpet, equipment and supplies when renovating or moving your business. Scheduling is easy; crews are dispatched in the morning and throughout the day. We also have storage specialists on call, enabling us to have a quick response time to short-notice requests.

Domestic Storage

Safely and efficiently store your household items and furniture at McCorquodale Transfer’s 100,000 square foot warehouse. To reserve a crew, we suggest calling two weeks ahead or as soon as possible to ensure your service is as well-organized as possible. Our team of qualified, experienced and capable Birmingham movers will attend to your storage needs in the following sequence:

  • A McCorquodale team is sent to your residence.
  • The team is shown what items need to be stored.
  • Your home is then prepared with floor protection and banister pads.
  • A detailed inventory is taken by the move supervisor to record quantity and preexisting condition.
  • While the inventory is being conducted, other move associates proceed with padding and loading selected items.
  • When complete, we’ll ask you to walk room by room to make sure nothing was missed.
  • The supervisor will go over the inventory forms and get your signatures on each page.
  • Your household goods are then taken to our warehouse where we prepare and place items in our container storage.
  • Each container holds up to two rooms of furniture and will be itemized showing the individual description of contents inside. The Description Form contains this information and is placed on the front, right side of container.
  • After filled, your containers are stored together in a uniform row.

Once your items are safely stored at our facilities, personal access to your belongings is easy. You may inspect, add or remove items Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 4:00PM. Simply call ahead, and with advance notice we will move your containers to the customer access area of our warehouse.

Contact us today to inquire about our secure Commercial and Residential Storage solutions. At McCorquodale Transfer, we’re more than Birmingham movers; we can handle your unique storage needs with top-tier quality and professionalism.

From Our Clients

I just wanted to tell you I had the BEST experience with a move that I’ve ever had yesterday…I used another local company because I had a groupon for the first part of our first move…without going into detail, it was a complete nightmare to say the least. I wish I had used you from the start and I will encourage anyone I know planning a move to use you guys. You have no idea how much I appreciated the service – all the way around.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience!!

Rachel W.

I can’t say enough good things about this group. Instead of just doing what we thought was needed, Seneca made suggestions based on his experience about how to do the work much more efficiently. It was easier and saved both time and money. Our move was a temporary one, so it had two parts. We were very pleased with the professionalism, work ethic and careful manner of the team from McCorquodale that packed and moved us. So pleased that we asked to have the same team return for the second step. I would absolutely trust them with my home again.

E. Robertson